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Question : What is a Preferred Customers?
Answer : A preferred Customer has certain underwriting qualities that are sought after by Wholesale Lenders. If you have the qualities, your loan may be eligible for discounts in either rate or closing costs, sometimes both.
Question : What are the Underwriting Qualities I need to be eligible?
Answer : Although it varies from loan to loan, basically you need a 740 credit score, you need to have verifiable income, a loan to value less than 70% and the loan must be for the purchase of a home, or a rate-and-term refinance (refinance of existing balance plus any incurred closing costs).
Question : What discounts or benefits should I expect?
Answer : It is not uncommon to get a rate an 1/8th lower than our published rates, or have a portion of your non reoccuring closing costs paid by Decision Capital Company of Florida. Your loan amount and loan program will determine what discounts you will receive.
Question : If I qualify as a preferred customer, why would I get these benefits?
Answer : Because of your outstanding credit and loan terms, Decision Capotal is able to obtain better pricing in the secondary market. We simply pass that savings on to you.
Question : Am I guaranteed the discount if my underwriting criteria matches your Guidelines?
Answer : Unfortunately, we do not guarantee you will always benefit by being a Preferred customer. Due to secondary market conditions and the loan amount and terms you choose, you may not directly benefit. When this happens, it means the standard rates we are offfering are already discounted, so you are already getting some of the best rates. We do guarantee that we will try our best to get you the most competitive rates available.

Florida Mortgage Loan Quotes
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