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We offer conforming loans, both fixed conforming loans and variable conforming loans in Florida that are Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac purchased. If your mortgage loan request does not exceed the conforming mortgage loan limits, a conforming loan may be right for you.

At Decision Capital Company we use Desk-Top Underwriting, so we know within minutes if your loan complies with the conforming mortgage loan limits and guidelines. Fixed rates are offered with 30,15,20,15 and 10 year amortizations. Conforming ARMs are offered with initial terms of 1,3,5,7 and 10 years. The ARMs are available either with a 30 year authorization or interest only. Presently the conforming limits (the conforming mortgage loan limit changes from time to time so please don't hesitate to inquire as to the current limit) as of January 1, 2005 are as follows:

1 Family: $359,650

2 Family: $460,400

3 Family: $558,500

4 Family: $691,600

Florida Mortgage Loan Quotes
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